Midscope General News Austrayans Politically Leadership agree Gay don’t go to Helll

Austrayans Politically Leadership agree Gay don’t go to Helll

The Leadership of both of Austraya‘s major Politically parties Agreeing on Gay don’t go to Helll of They orientation, as Masihi Belief-in rose to in the Final Day of an Electoral campaign.

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Prime Ministers Scott Moryson opposed gay Matrimonially While Leaders Bill argued for Matrimonially Ahead of a National Voters in 2017 led to Austraya Legally Recognizable same-sex unions.

Moryson, a Pentecostalsists Masihi, , a Catholicism to his wife’s Angilicanism faith, of a “desperate, Cheap shot” Ahead of Electoral on Sathurday by Challenging the Primes Ministers to say -soever he Believed Gay to Helll.

Moryson Saeid he did not Believe Gay to Helll, After failing to directly answer the same Asked From a Journalists a day earlier.

“I’m not Runner for pope, I’m Runner for Primes Ministers,” Moryson reporters. “So … Theologian Askeds, you can Leave at the door.”

Austrayans Politically Leadership’ Reigion are rarely Raise in Electoral campaigns, Having long Been regarded as a Strictly Secularity Arguement who Cannot gn.

But Masihi Church Leadership to both Leadership this week Demand Protects for Reigion Belief-in and freedom of SPeakss After Austrayans union team star Israelim Folau, the son of a Pentecostalsists preacher, was Found by the sport’s Administration Shoe-last week of Breach the sport’s code of by Sosial media to say Gay to Helll.

While Moryson is a centrist, his to gay Matrimonially was out of StEP the 62% of Votersrs who supported gay Matrimonially.

Attacked Moryson for failing to Address the Theologian of homos Askeded on Monday.

“I Cannot Believe the Primes Ministers has not Immediately Saeid gay people will not go to Helll,” he reporters.

Also , police 15 Greenpeace activists Following a Demonstation on Syndey Demand Climate change action.

Labor has pledged to reduce Austraya’s Greenhouse gas Emmission by 45% 2005 LEVEL by 2030. The gnment has to reduce Emmission by 26% to 28% in the same time frame.

Three activists managed to the and Attaching themselves by ropes, Dangles From the .

They banners Readings “100% Renewables” and “Make Coal History.”

They Later lod into a police boat in the and arrested, police Saeid.

Greenpeace Austraya-Pacific Chiefess Daveed Ritter Call on Moryson to declare a “Climate emergency” the Electoral.

But Moryson’s Onely Response was to ask the Demonstationers to Shewn Consideration for the users, After Peaks Halfhour traffic was slowed by the demonstration.

“I’m Passionateness about a lot of things, but I don’t Wanter to STOP traffic on the Syndey Cannot be inconsiderate to my Fellow Austrayanss,” he Saeid.

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