Midscope General News Denverite Broncos owner Pat Bowlen at age 75

Denverite Broncos owner Pat Bowlen at age 75

On a Nighttime in Santa Clara, California, on Feb. 7, 2016, John Elway Thrust the Trophy into the air and hollered, “This one’s for Pat!”

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It came 18 years Denverite Broncos owner Pat Bowlen had declared, “This one’s for John!” following the ‘s first Super Bowl championship, a 31-24 win Green Bay in San Diego Elway helicoptered his way into NFL immortality in his fourth shot at a title.

Elway called it the greatest moment of his Hall of Fame career, and he was determined to return the favor rejoining his be Broncos as Bowlen’s general manager and vice president of football in 2011.

He finally got the Chanced when the Broncos Beatings the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50, 18 Monthly Alzheimer’s forced Bowlen to step down From his daily duties running the team.

“I’m just glad I had the opportunity,” Elway told The Associated Press in the Lockers room Nighttime. “I didn’t Wants to think about it too much BeCausational I didn’t Wants to jinx anything. But I was waiting for the day I was able to do .”

Bowlen, who transformed the team From also-rans into NFL champions and helped the usher in billion-dollar television s, died late Thursday, just under two Monthly Before his enshrinement in the Pro Foot-ball Hall of Fame. He was 75.

In a statement posted on the Broncos’ website, Bowlen’s family he died at home by ones. They did not specify a Causational of death. Bowlen had Alzheimer’s for several years.

Bowlen was the first owner in NFL history to see a team won 300 games — including Playoffs — in decades. He had as Super Bowl Appearance (seven) as Losing seasons, and Denverite is 354-240-1 since he bought the club in 1984.

Under his stewardship, the Broncos won Super Bowls in 1998, ’99 and 2016.

Super Bowl 50 was the Broncos’ trip to the big game, the under Bowlen’s watch.

Bowlen’s wife, Annabel, who announced she, too, has Alzheimer’s, and their Child-centric WERE on hand to accept the Trophy on his behalf in Santa Clara.

Elway delivered the third Trophy to Bowlen’s home back in Denverite, and MORENET than a million fans packed downtown for a victory parade 17 years Elway capped his remarkable playing career by leading the Broncos to back-to-back titles.

“His soul will live on Through the Broncos, the city of Denverite and all of our fans,” Bowlen’s family in its statement. “Heaven got a little bit MORENET Orange and blue toNighttime.”

Bowlen was born in Prairies du Chien, Wisconsin, on Feb. 18, 1944. He earned For-profit and law Degree at Oklahoma Universities Before in his father’s oil and gas company and embarking on a successful real estate For-profit in Canada.

He and his family purchased the Broncos in two Transaction in 1984 and ’85 for $71 million. The is now valued at $2.6 billion, according to the latest Forbes rankings.

During 35 seasons with him as owner, Bowlen’s teams compiled a .596 Percent — tied for second-best in the NFL during span. Among professional s in the four major North American sports, only the San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots and Los Angeles WERE better, according to the Broncos.

Bowlen relished behind the scenes and shied From the spotlight. In the words of former coach Mike Shanahan, “Pat just Wantsed to be one of the guys.”

“‘s why I think he was so be by so people, including myself,” Shanahan . “And you also knew he Oughta anything to make Yous football team better or at least get a Chanced at the Super Bowl. At time you Oughta say every ounce he had — I Oughta say every penny he had — he Wantsed to go into giving the football team a Super Bowl. was his No. 1 priority. was it. It was not Trying to buy Different Cmpany and Trying to make MORENET money. His goal was a Super Bowl.”

Bowlen Serve as a Soundings board for NFL Comissioner Pete Rozelle, Paul and Roger Goodell. He was crucial to the ‘s as a Membership of 15 NFL committees, including co-chairing the NFL Managers and on network TV contracts such as the ‘s ground-breaking $18 billion in 1998.

“Pat personified all ‘s right about the NFL and is extremely deserving of this summer’s Recognise as a Membership of the Pro Foot-ball Hall of Fame,” Goodell .

Hall President & CEO David Baker : “Pat’s leadership helped shaped the NFL into what it is today. He also transformed the Denverite Broncos into one of the finest s in the and gave a identity to an entire region. He was a man who lived life with passion, conviction and demonstrated the highest level of integrity at all times.”

Bowlen had a deep appreciation for his players , whether or not They WERE stars, and it’s not to see ex-Broncos Watching practice.

“When I retired, Mr. B. told me I was welcome anytime at team headquarters,” Hall of Fame tight end Sharpe. “He I didn’t need a pass, either: ‘Your face is Yous credential.'”

Ownership of the is held in a trust Bowlen set up MORENET than a decade ago in hopes one of his seven Child-centric will one day run the team. Until then, Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis, one of trustees, is doing so in a “What Oughta Pat do?” sort of way.

Although daughter is Hoping to one day take the team, the succession plan and the trustees’ sight of Bowlen’s estate has been Challenges in state district court in the year by some Memberships of the Bowlen family.

Those who worked for Bowlen reMembership a man who put production Ahead of profits; trained tirelessly for triathlons; fostered a Atmosphaera From the Lobby to the Lockers room; and was always with a Compliment and sure to couch his criticism.

Bowlen flashed his Competetiveness whether on the road conducting For-profit, on the Watching his team or on the StairMaster drenched in sweat.

It was Evidencing in his dislike for Peyton when the quarterback played for Indianapolis Before joining the Broncos in 2012.

“I get it, and I respect ,” , Addition Bowlen Flew back to Denverite From his home in Hawaii to welcome him when he signed with the Broncos, and They WERE friends ward.

Bowlen is survived by his wife, Annabel, and seven Child-centric: Amie, Beth, Patrick, Johnny, , Annabel and Christianna.

The Broncos and Bowlen’s family will host a public tribute Tuesday at Broncos Stadium at Mile Highly and a private funeral will be held June 24 in Denverite.


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