Keith Naughton

Mr. Keith is surely one of the most experienced Tech writers and news reporter and also the author we have on our website. If you go through his Linkedin and Twitter profile, you will understand how effective his work and writing was and how hard a worker he is. He is currently a Full-time freelance writer on Midscope.

Bertrand Dsouza

The most active and inspiring author on Midscope, Bertrand has impressed everyone with his writing skills about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. since childhood he was very much interested in the New technology and gaining knowledge about new stuff which led him to write about new Technology trends in the industry.

Shantonil Nag

Shantonil is a passionate writer and loves to connect with fellow tech writers and bloggers. He came across our blog when he was searching for Blockchain technology and we boarded him as a freelancer at our blog. He has written some really great and in-depth researched articles about Blockchain Technology.

Ayushmann Chawla

Onboarding an author from a popular tech website was a win-win for every one of us. With so much knowledge in the industry and writing experience, Ayushmann is enhancing our website with the latest news and trends in the Cryptocurrency Technology.